Faster payment via self-billing

Vengo recently switched to self-billing in order to reduce the administrative burden of paying drivers on the platform. But what exactly is self-billing and how does it work? We'll explain it to you.

How to keep my fuel costs under control?

The biggest expense for any driver or transporter is fuel – no doubt. Depending on your vehicle and route, your diesel consumption can take a bite of 15 up to 25% out of your transport budget. More than ever, being economical with fuel is the message.

How can I avoid damage to the transported goods?

Transport is not an exact science. It can always happen that goods get damaged, both during loading and unloading, as well as during the transport itself (e.g. by the shock upon departure from standstill, taking a roundabout with lateral forces on the load or by braking).

How do I create my first shipment?

This can be done easily and quickly through the Vengo-app or online via MyVengo by going through a simple five-step process. Firstly, enter the dimensions and weight of the goods, and if possible, add a description and/or photograph.

What type of goods can I have transported?

There are lots of possibilities for transport. We list them with the proper classifications and shipping names. This will facilitate communication with the drivers and carriers within the Vengo network, and it allows you to easily discover whether there is a suitable solution for the transport of your goods (based on type and size).