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Vengo helps you to find one or multiple shipments that you can combine with your current load. Fill the empty space in your van or truck and earn more without driving extra kilometres.

Is Vengo available to any kind of carrier?

Discover quickly if you can benefit from Vengo!


Are you often on the road, and is your trunk or back seat always empty? Have you ever considered becoming a courier? Vengo is working hard to soon offer you the chance to get a taste of the courier business without having to start a company first. This will be done within the framework of the new legal rules for the collaborative or sharing economy. We will keep you informed!


Are you a self-employed driver or carrier, and do you have one or more vans or trucks? Then you are the perfect person to benefit from working with Vengo. Are you on the road and do you have space for an additional load? Check the Vengo app, find additional freight and send a quote. If the order is assigned to you, you can offer the customer a professional and reliable track & trace solution through our platform.

Transport company

Does your company work with a central dispatch that controls all trucks and sets the prices? For larger transport companies, Vengo might not be the most user-friendly solution. You can only arrange the transport via the Vengo app, where you yourself need to find the freight and offer a price proposal. In addition, the device that you use to accept the assignment needs to remain with the shipment to enable the track & trace possibility from collection through to delivery.

Frequently asked questions

The prices of transport are already very low. Is your approach still healthy for the market?

Vengo ensures that you as a driver or carrier can optimise the capacity of your vehicle even more. You can take more freight on your existing route or add in an extra route if you have time left. Vengo is certainly no market place where you have to enter competitive bids against various parties to finally reach such a low price that nobody is making any money out of it. Above all, it is our ambition to match shippers and carriers with each other and ultimately to create a win-win situation for everyone.

How long should I wait for a quote to be approved?

This depends entirely on the shipper. Some shippers put their freight online for a price estimate only and place it a second time online when the freight effectively needs to be shipped. Others wait until they have found a number of potential drivers before they decide. And still other customers decide already within 2 minutes.

If I make an offer on various shipments, do I need to perform them all?

The Vengo app makes it possible for you as a driver or carrier to cancel your offers at any time. However, once your offer is accepted by the requester or shipper, than there is in fact a transport agreement between both parties. In that case, you are expected to effectively deliver the service. Should you still be prevented for whatever reason, please contact Vengo via or +32 11 91 08 91 to work out a suitable solution. If you do not inform Vengo, then of course you are faced with an unhappy customer. In addition, the costs to arrange the extra transport will be charged to you.

My offer has been approved, now what?

Congratulations, the sender has selected you for his transport! Make sure to thoroughly check all shipment details once more, as now you will also receive the exact addresses and the contact details of the collection and delivery location. The Vengo app always allows you to send a message to the shipper or to call him/her to make specific agreements. In addition, do not forget to always keep your smartphone near, and to switch on the location services and data connectivity. Change your status systematically in the app, so the sender can track the shipment. Do so at departure and at the time of collection, but also at the final delivery.

How is the payment settled? Who pays me as a driver?

Vengo collects the money directly from the sender. And then Vengo pays you as the sender. You do not have to draw up an invoice to Vengo yourself. We have switched to the concept of self-billing (or invoice issued by the buyer), whereby Vengo draws up the invoice for your transport itself and delivers it to you after delivery. The payment afterwards is done automatically.

What if I experience a delay or may not be able to perform the shipment at all. What do I do?

When the shipment is already assigned or accepted by the shipper, you can no longer cancel the order. In case of unforeseen circumstances that prevent you from delivering the service, please contact the shipper to arrange an alternative date or time. If it’s impossible to work out an alternative agreement, please contact the Vengo helpdesk via or +32 11 91 08 91.

What margin does Vengo charge?

Vengo charges a standard administrative fee of 5%. In addition, Vengo offers the possibility to choose your own payment term. If you choose to be paid within 10 working days, you will be charged 5% extra. If you choose to be paid when the customer's payment has been processed by us, no margin is due.