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Where can I use Vengo?

Vengo is a community of Flemish independent drivers and carriers. If you are looking to ship something, then you can call on them to get your goods quickly and easily to the correct destination. They can take along your shipment on their daily routes, or reserve their vehicle completely for your transport.

The affiliated drivers pass through all of Belgium every day, and as a result, they are regularly close to where your shipment needs to be collected or delivered. They also cover the Netherlands, Western Germany and Northern France. Looking even further beyond the horizon? No worries, Vengo already found a perfect match between shippers and drivers in other places including Berlin, Marseilles and Alicante.

So, create your shipment online through MyVengo or get started with the Vengo-app!

Vengo is available in a 400km radius around Flanders with daily deliveries in Belgium, Germany, France, The Netherlands, …

Shipping your goods

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How can I avoid damage to the transported goods?

Transport is not an exact science. It can always happen that goods get damaged, both during loading and unloading, as well as during the transport itself (e.g. by the shock upon departure from standstill, taking a roundabout with lateral forces on the load or by braking). Read more

How do I create my first shipment?

This can be done easily and quickly through the Vengo-app or online via MyVengo by going through a simple five-step process. Firstly, enter the dimensions and weight of the goods, and if possible, add a description and/or photograph. Read more

Faster payment via self-billing

Vengo recently switched to self-billing in order to reduce the administrative burden of paying drivers on the platform. But what exactly is self-billing and how does it work? We'll explain it to you. Read more

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